This exercise is one of the simplest and most effective exercises for lower back and ESG activation. Check out the video and bulleted points to ensure you’re maximizing benefits and minimizing risks.

  • Start on all fours, with your shoulder blades pushed against your ribcage for stability, arms straight, hands shoulder-width apart, and neck neutral.
  • Find a neutral spine position – neutral lumbar lordosis curve.
  • Activate your abdominal wall by pushing out your obliques and taking a quick breath of air in to pressurize the abdominal container.
  • Begin by one leg into the air, maintaining your spine position and focusing out kicking your foot straight back.
  • Breathe out with the lift, and breathe in as your leg comes down in a sweeping motion.
  • Next add in the opposite arm, reaching as far forward as possible, while maintain a neutral and stiff lumbar spine/abdomen.
  • Next, add in a crunch by bringing together the opposite elbow and knee for a more intense abdominal workout.
  • Repeat exercise without significant rest between repetitions. Once you complete the exercise on one side, repeat with the other arm/leg.

This is an exercise that almost everyone can benefit from and basically everyone should be doing (with appropriate modifications for select populations) daily. It engages the core and lumbar spine stabilizers, and the hips, promoting movement and mobility through the joints of the hip while maintaining spine stability.