This is a very useful exercise to use during a warm up to prepare your shoulders and rotator cuff muscles for a heavy resistance training workout. Check out the following video and bulleted points to ensure you’re maximizing benefits and minimizing risks!

  • Start standing with feet shoulder width part.
  • Holding a resistance band in front of you with both hands, stabilize your shoulders by pulling the shoulder blades back and down (follow the steps of going up, back, and then down for the best positioning).
  • From here, stabilize one arm, and use one arm to pull the band back towards you, with your elbow moving straight outwards away from your body. This should feel like you are pulling back on a bowstring.
  • Complete 8-10 repetitions, maintaining good shoulder position and only moving the shoulder joint, not the shoulder blade.
  • Switch sides and repeat.

This is a great warm up exercise everyone should be including at the beginning of their workouts, before performing heavy lifts with the upper body – especially back and shoulder workouts. By warming up the rotator cuff, the shoulder joint is primed and decreases risk of injuries, poor form, and muscle spasms.