An exclusive DHP interview with Dr. Aron Choi, ND, about the use of the ketogenic diet in clinical medicine. Here’s a little preview of the topics we chat about:

  • 0:58: What is the ketogenic diet
  • 1:28: Benefits of the ketogenic diet
  • 2:30: The history behind the ketogenic diet
  • 3:43: Why Dr. Aron Choi uses the ketogenic in his medical practice
  • 5:40: What does the ketogenic diet look like in clinical practice, and how has it changed over time
  • 8:10: Trends in popularity in general public and the medical world
  • 9:45: Is there research behind using the ketogenic diet for health
  • 10:47: How do the Naturopathic principles fit into guiding the use of the ketogenic diet in clinical practice
  • 12:40: The therapeutic order and where the ketogenic diet fits into it
  • 13:40: Most common conditions Dr. Aron Choi sees that can benefit from using a ketogenic diet as treatment
  • 15:00: Comparisons in force of intervention between conventional medical care and ketogenic diet use
  • 17:20: Can conservative lifestyle treatments affect the use of currently utilized higher force interventions
  • 19:30: Why see a Naturopathic physician or qualified medical provider before using the ketogenic diet, risks of using ketogenic diet
  • 21:20: Dr. Aron Choi’s 3 Top 3 things to avoid for good health, Top 3 daily practices for health, and Top 3 general health tips for optimal health
  • 30:20: How to learn more about the ketogenic diet, Dr. Aron Choi, & how to get in touch with him.

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