DHP’s exclusive interview with Dr. Grace Chang, ND, LAc, about approach to combining Naturopathic medicine with TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) into a successful, integrative medical practice. Here’s a little preview of the topics we chat about:


  • 0:55: Dr. Grace’s path to a medical career, Naturopathic medicine and TCM
  • 2:27: How Dr. Grace integrates being a ND and an LAc
  • 3:46: Trends in the uses and popularity of Naturopathy and TCM
  • 5:05: How the principles and philosophy of Naturopathic medicine and TCM come through in clinical medicine
  • 6:53: Most common conditions/complaints Dr. Grace sees in practice, and her thoughts on why
  • 8:40: Comparisons of treatment between conventional medicine and Naturopathy or TCM – are they equal?
  • 10:54: Most common treatments utilized by Dr. Grace in practice
  • 12:30: Dr. Grace’s 3 Top 3; Top 3 things to avoid for good health, Top 3 daily practices for health, and Top 3 general health tips for optimal health
  • 17:00: How to learn more about Dr. Grace & how to get in touch

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