The plank hold is a simple but effective core exercise that can help promote better pelvic positioning. Check out the following video and bulleted points to ensure you’re maximizing benefits and minimizing risks!

  • Feet together, toes flexed against ground.
  • Arms beneath body, placing forearms parallel to each other with hands apart.
  • Elbows at 90-degrees.
  • Find a neutral lumbar spine and pelvic position, and maintain this position – keep a slight curve in the low back.
  • Keep shoulders pulled back and down, in a ‘packed’ position.
  • Tighten and engage core and abdominal wall muscles, extend knees, and keep neck neutral.
  • Body should maintain straight line from head to heels.

This is an exercise everyone can do to supplement core training and pelvic tilt positioning (with appropriate modifications for select populations). It engages the core and several anterior chain muscles, and helps with shoulder stabilization.