This variation on the classic IYTW is the perfect exercise to include in your daily routine, especially when working on a desk or computer for long hours. Check out the following video and bulleted points to ensure you’re maximizing benefits and minimizing risks!

  • Start by packing your shoulders: bring your shoulder blades up, back, and then down. Keep this position.
  • Next, brace your core and keep your ribs down and tight – do not let them flare out during the exercise.
  • From here, begin the regular IYTW.
  • With straight arms, pull your shoulder blades back and down and keep your thumbs pointing back.
  • Next, slowly move your arms to the Y, then the T, then the W position, while keeping the shoulder blades squeezed together.
  • Be sure to keep the ribs braced down – do not let them flare.

This is an exercise that almost everyone can benefit from and basically everyone should be doing daily, especially during desk work. It engages key upper body posterior chain muscles, stabilizes the shoulder, and activates several postural muscles to promote movement and mobility through the involved joints.