This is a simple exercise to supplement the training of the triceps muscle group. Check out the following video and bulleted points to ensure you’re maximizing benefits and minimizing risks – for both you and your patients/clients!

  • Start with one knee directly under the hips on a bench and one hand directly under the shoulder on bench. Keep a flat back and a straight support leg.
  • Using free arm, grab weight and pull elbow in tight against body – scapula should be pulled back and down with rhomboids tight.
  • From here, extend the elbow straight back, maintaining a straight line with the upper body.
  • Keep neck relaxed and in neutral position.
  • Slowly lower weight, keeping shoulders braced and down – maintain tension in lower trapezius and rhomboids.

This is an exercise that can benefit the training of the triceps and help combat overworked biceps. This helps to work against rounded shoulders and anterior chain dominance, and promotes proper movement and mobility through the involved joints.