Exercise Videos

A picture may say a thousand words, but a video gives you a thousand pictures! We have created a dedicated database of exercise videos that demonstrate proper form and technique for dozens of the most popular and useful exercises you can think of. These videos were created with the intention of providing a much-needed service of RELIABLE and ACCURATE exercise demonstrations and descriptions that people can trust. 

Medical professionals are regularly referring patients to these videos to watch and learn their prescribed exercises, and we have personal trainers and exercise experts who also refer to these exercises from time to time. Of course, we also have viewers from various backgrounds that use these videos to learn from and to correct their own technique. Our goal here at DHP is to provide this large database of exercises with video and written descriptions to everyone for free, because we believe that exercise is a basic human right, and everyone should know how to do it properly and effectively.

Guest Interviews

We have some incredibly brilliant, talented, and generous doctors in our community, so we thought why not help share their knowledge with all of us and learn from each other? Check out some of our featured guests who have joined DHP to talk about their medical practice and area of expertise! You can also find these interviews as podcasts here! 

Of Health & Medicine

There is an abundance of topics and subjects in the health and medicine world that we could talk about. So, our goal is to pick one every once in a while and do little video on it. Interested? Come check out some of the short videos we’ve completed so far about any and all things health, medicine, and wellness!